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Reasons to Choose Vinyl Planks for Your Wood Flooring

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Vinyl has made something of a comeback in recent years, with more and more homeowners and rental property pros choosing vinyl flooring for their homes. If you grew up in the 1960s or 70s, the words ‘vinyl’ and ‘luxury’ probably don’t conjure similar images in your mind, but times have changed, and vinyl flooring is now enjoying its heyday, minus the tacky designs and with higher overall quality than in the past. To find out if vinyl wood flooring is right for your home, read on and discover what Bargain Carpets can provide for property owners in the Melbourne and Adelaide metropolitan areas.

Know Your Plank Flooring Options

Vinyl flooring was invented in the 1930s and made a massive impact in the post-World War II architectural world, eventually replacing the prominent position that linoleum had held in the home up until that time. The reasons behind vinyl’s rise are easy to understand. The material was (and still is) exceptionally water-resistant, and it made for an inexpensive and low-maintenance floor covering.

Vinyl is still an attractive option for homeowners for these same reasons and is now available in a vast array of options. While the vinyl of yesteryear gained something of a bad reputation for looking ‘cheap’, today’s vinyl flooring is a far different story, as it is increasingly being used in new and upscale home construction worldwide.

Vinyl plank flooring is a popular choice instead of wood and laminates due to its higher resistance to wear and tear than either of these other options. It is also less likely to get damaged by water, even if you experience a plumbing leak in the home. Vinyl planks are available in a variety of shades and grain types, mimicking the look of hardwood without the drawbacks or added costs that come with natural wood planks.

Where to Get Affordable Vinyl Plank Flooring in Melbourne and Adelaide

If you’re interested in getting vinyl flooring installed in your home, Bargain Carpets is a name you can trust. We have installed high quality vinyl wood flooring in homes across Melbourne and Adelaide and can come to your home for a free measure and quote at your convenience. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and giving you the best possible value on your flooring—if you’re not happy with your new vinyl plank flooring for whatever reason, we will work with you to make it right!

The luxury vinyl planks we install are suitable for all areas of the home, including the kitchen or bathroom. If you’d like the look of seamless timber throughout your home, our planks allow you to cover all areas without worrying about rooms exposed to water or higher traffic, thanks to their heavy-duty 0.55mm wear layer. These vinyl planks are made to withstand the demands of daily family life, even if you have kids or pets.

Come and see how you can get great-looking vinyl flooring installed in your home that will last for years and potentially improve its value. Contact Bargain Carpets today to get started with your free quote and measure.

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